Lesson Plans

Dear friends, I think it's a good idea to collect video recordings of lessons or fragments of the lessons. One thing is to read lesson plans or teaching tips on dedicated websites or in books on methodology, but another thing is to see how everything works in the real classroom. In this part of my blog you can see my  and my colleagues' lessons. I would be really glad if you share video recordings of your lessons with us! You can provide links in comments.

Theme: Healthy Food
Class: 10th, (15-16-year-olds)
Teacher: Hanna Dudich, Ukraine

Theme: Travelling
Class: 8th, (13-14-year-olds)
Teacher: Natalia Bratko, Ukraine

Theme: Let's rock grammar - 2nd Conditional  
Class: ZSO7 high school students
Teacher: Magdalena Dygala  , Poland

Theme: Food in the USA and Food in Ukraine 
Class: 6th (10-11-year-olds)
Teacher: Hanna Dudich, Ukraine (special thanks to Tatyana Dyakonenko for providing a video recording for creative task)

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