понеділок, 16 травня 2016 р.

Professional Development

The EFL teachers of our himnazia are very busy, but they try to find time for professional development. Here are some PD certificates earned by Valentyna Kashyrna for attending online webinars. If you have some spare time, visit Oxford, Cambridge, Macmillan or Pearson websites for teachers and sign up for a webinar.

субота, 7 травня 2016 р.

PenPal Schools

This academic year my 6th and 7th formers participated in PenPal Schools project. I signed up my students for the World Explorer course. All the participants were matched with their own PenPal for a 6-Week exchange. Students watched great videos and practiced reading and writing in English while learning about life in their PenPals country. Here is what they say about their experience:

I do recommend everyone interested in global education to visit PenPal Schools website and sign up your students next year!
I would also like to share one of my lesson plans which shows how I integrate PenPal Schools activities into my English classroom: