неділя, 18 вересня 2016 р.

School museums+Nearpod VR

As you probably know, our school has become the winner of the Nearpod VR Grant. As a part of this grant we received Nearpod VR headsets. We started exploring virtual reality at the lessons by using 360 degrees images available at the Nearpod website, but then we decided to promote students' creativity. Why not make some VR content ourselves? There are two great museums in our school - The World War II Museum and Taras Shevchenko Museum. We made Photo Sphere images of these museums using Google Street View app and smartphones. On 17th September we celebrated the City Day. During this event the students of our school conducted virtual fieldtrips to our school museums for the city residents without leaving the main street of the city! They only used a smartphone and a pair of VR goggles! The effect was great. A lot of community members learned about our school museums where students act as guides and conduct excursions. People planned real trips to our museums. The best moment for me was when a child in a wheel-chair put on a VR headset. You should have seen his face! I'm afraid, it is difficult for this kid to visit museums in real life because not all places are equipped for handicapped people, but technology made it possible for him to be a part of his local community and visit interesting places. We are going to develop the idea of virtual fieldtrips and virtual museums. Follow my blog and welcome to the VR fieldtrips to Taras Shevchenko Himnazia in Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine!
 The World War II Museum