понеділок, 30 січня 2017 р.

Mystery Skype with Radom, Poland

Had a great Mystery Skype with students from Radom, Poland today. After guessing where our Skype friends come from we had a lively conversation about our school life, festivals, traditional meals and even sang our favorite songs. Thankful to Natalia Tkachenko for engaging students. It was such a pleasure to see my dear friend Magdalena Dygala! Your students were great! Miss our time in Oxford. Looking forward to our next collaborative projects!

Speaking at the Rotary Club meeting.

I'm glad that members of local community express their interest in education-related events. Today I was invited as a guest speaker to the meeting of the local Rotary Club (@RotaryClubKirovograd) The members of the club are local entrepreneurs and active citizens. I told them about GlobalTeacherPrize, VarkeyTeacherAmbassadors and introduced my idea of portable STEAM labs. The club members are involved in several charitable projects and some of them are connected with education. We agreed to cooperate in order to promote innovative educational ideas and ensure equal access to quality education for children of our region.

неділя, 1 січня 2017 р.

My journey as Global Teacher Prize Top 50 finalist

After being shortlisted as Global Teacher Prize Top 50 finalist I have given numerous interviews to newspapers, magazines and internet editions, have spoken on the radio and have conducted several demonstrative lessons for TV channels. This media attention has had a great outcome:
  • I had a chance to tell how I use Project Based Learning at the lessons of English to promote international collaboration, active citizenship and teach about global values as well as share the most successful projects;
  • My idea of creating portable STEAM labs to provide equal access to quality education for all kids, irrespective of where they live has been promoted, decision makers and several organizations got interested in it, so hopefully we'll find the way to bring it to life;
  • I got lots of messages via social networks both from the people I know and from complete strangers, telling me how happy they were reading positive news about teachers and education. I want to say thank you to Varkey Foundation for highlighting the importance of educators. A lot of people lost faith in the ability to change the conservative system of education in Ukraine for better, but now they see hope again;
  • After reading Top 50 Finalists' profiles, a lot of teachers got motivated to continue professional development using all possible resources. I was invited by different teacher development institutions in Ukraine to give master classes and to share my experience.
So many positive changes happening and this is just the beginning of my journey as the Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist! I'm looking forward to this wonderful experience. If you are interested in using PBL at the English lessons or would like to know more about my idea of portable STEAM labs, I have collected in this blog post the links to all my recent interviews, where I describe my experience in details. Some interviews are in Ukrainian, some in English or Russian. #TeachersMatter
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Interview for "Focus" magazine https://focus.ua/society/363374/
Article on the students' website Studway http://studway.com.ua/hanna-dudich/
Article in "The Vechirnia" newspaper http://www.vechirka.com.ua/za-dva-kroki-do-m-liona
Live via phone in the programme "Postfaktum" on the radio "Vesti"